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  • We Help You Find Greatness At Scale

    The guiding spirit of all organizations decays as they grow. Simplicity is power, but that simplicity takes effort, while complexity occurs all on its own. The chief task of leadership is the continual renewal of this spirit.

    Our work is to support leaders in this task – breathing new life into your organization so it can scale the drive, tempo and clarity required for greatness. We work with leaders we believe in, and our mission is to help you achieve yours. We will internalize your mission, take it seriously and hold you to it.

    Most often you are VC/PE backed company between a hundred and a few thousand employees with deep desire for excellence you care about more than maintaining a comfortable status quo.

    "The chief aim of order is to give room for good things to run wild."

    G. K. Chesterton
  • Your leaders are consumed with the day-to-day. Context changes, new talent, culture drift and many sensible everyday decisions turn into complexity, compromise and misalignment over time.


    Working with us is the opportunity to rethink your organization from first principles. We are alive to dangers of bureaucracy and over processing - and focus on building the smallest amount of structure necessary for you to run your business well - a "minimum viable structure".

    Greatness Is Enabled Through Clarity And Structure

    What are we trying to do?



    Who's doing what?

    Organization Design

    How do we run our org?



    Is it working?

    Feedback Systems & Triangulation

    Organizations that continually answer these questions well provide the ground for excellence. Those that don’t wither.

    "Differentiate the day-to-day operations of an organization (call that the A activity), from the efforts to improve how 'A' gets done (call that the B activity).

    Douglas Engelbart
  • We Work Through And With Your Leaders

    We are experts in bringing organizations alive but you are experts on your business. We see our work as an act of partnership and co-creation, and we chose the word “Studio” to reflect that you enter a co-working space when working with us, and that we hold no other allegiance other than your success.


    the core of your strategy through strategy offsites, OKR facilitation and board communications.


    the key blocks in your system through interviews, leadership assessments and culture audits.


    the relevant systems (operating model, operating systems, ways of working) to help you build your future org.

    your leaders through organizational change via individual and group sessions.

    Our expertise is fourfold

    Our approach is bespoke

    One-off services

    Smaller services such as strategy offsites, leadership assessments and new leader onboarding

    Strategic projects

    Larger projects related to IPO readiness, strategy shifts, M&A integration or carve-outs, RIFs


    Long-term relationships with leadership where we act as a retained operating partner on an organizational journey

  • We Want To Provide Value From Our First Call

    We invest time to get to know you and your business. We start our work by learning enough about you and your situation to offer you a detailed perspective on what the work ahead is - and the quality of our scoping should give you a feel for how it will be to work with us.

    We are a boutique obsessed with our craft, combining hard business focus and psychological depth. Reach out to us at

    Jake Bornstein

    Decade of coaching over 150 C suite execs & fund partners, from seed to Series D and exit, PE transitions, M&A, major strategic pivots.

    Hedge fund mind with a coach's heart

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    Darko Lovric

    Fifteen years of advisory on org issues - advised Fortune 50 CEOs and heads of government across sectors and geographies on how to execute their strategies and built 50+ operating models.

    Strategist's craft with a psychologist's insight

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Our Mission Is To Live Up To The Name Of Our Firm

In Greek mythology Metis is goddess of practical counsel and mother of Athena, source of all civilization. Similarly, through our work we hope to help you lay the foundations for an organization capable of delivering your life’s work and building the world’s next great company.

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