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We work with executive teams to create  the organizational foundations for growth


In our work we combine disciplines of strategic refinement, organization design and coaching.​ We've founded Studio Metis on the hypothesis that these three approaches need to be combined to build an effective organization.

In practice, this means we first understand and crystallize your strategy, design an organization optimized to execute it and help you implement it in the day-to-day through targeted coaching.

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We find we have the biggest impact with the clients that are;

  • High-growth companies with big ambitions

  • 100 - 5000 employees, often privately held and owner-operated

  • Facing an inflection point - new strategy, new leadership team, significant acquisition, exit event, and so on

  • A desire for management excellence that they feel down to their bones, with a willingness to engage in meaningful self-reflection and making hard choices


We have wide experience across most industry sectors and ownership structures - VC and PE backed as well as corporate spinouts.


We pride ourselves in our bespoke approach, tailoring our services to your exact needs.  Most often this work falls into three broad areas, which can come together to support a full scale-up or transformation target

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Operating Model

In situations where you are undergoing a rapid transformation, you need to refresh your whole operating model.

We help distill your new strategy into organizational and operational choices that will make it come alive.

Management Playbook

In situations where you are happy with your strategy and organization, but need to build an efficient execution machine.

We will codify your management style, culture and ways of working into a integrated playbook of how to run your business as it grows.

Executive Coaching

New contexts often demand new ways of working to unlock performance, both for individual leaders and across teams.

Our experienced coaches will work with your executive team, helping them unlock individual potential while also connecting the dots across your whole team via observation and group coaching to help accelerate collective learning.


We are a boutique consultancy because this offers us independence and freedom to focus on our clients without trying to “cross-sell” or add a lot of junior resources to make the economics work. We’ve heard all the consultant jokes, and we agree with many.


We believe to be a good advisor means taking three values seriously:


  • Sense of a craft: We consider ourselves experts in the field. We trust in our method, use it to provide clarity and direction and educate our clients appropriately and advise with honesty

  • Bespoke approach: Mastery of the field implies knowing that every method is an invention, and every invention can be improved. We don’t have a methodology to be shackled by it

  • Co-creation: You know your business best. We know organizations. Together, we'll find the right answers. Our clients are seeking to build a home for their aspirations, and just like an architect does, we have to work with them to create the right one

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Metis is the Greek goddess of counsel and craft (technology!). She was Zeus’s first wife and he, afraid of the revelatory power of her insight, turned her into a fly and ate her. In typical mythological fashion, she happened to already be pregnant by him at the time, and thus when she gave birth, their child Athena, goddess of wisdom and civilization, emerged shield and spear shining from Zeus’s head.


In this archetypical vein, by marrying our expertise to our client’s entrepreneurial power, we are together able to give rise to the wisdom of applied action.


In addition to this bit of mythological nerdery, we chose the word “Studio” to reflect that at heart we see our firm as a home for organizational and psychological artists devoted to their craft, and you enter a co-working space with us.  

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